An art model with years of experience, AnudeMuse has done everything from educational workshops to posing for gallery series’, to holding extended poses for oil-painting classes. She has modeled for many photographic genres, all over the U.S., including NYC, LA, Pittsburgh, Miami, DC, San Diego, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Memphis, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

There is a deep pride in the professional approach and easy to work with attitude. The enjoyment of being a part of the creative experience is carried that into all work, whether it is a figure-drawing class or an advertising shoot. Extremely proficient at taking direction as well as anticipating the needs to get the perfect shot and just flowing through poses when working in a group setting or with a novice photographer. It is the dedication along with the versatility, both the ability to pull off many looks, and the working approach, that makes for such an enjoyable model to work with.

‘A muse’s formation draws upon experience and dedication. The abilities are based on life’s and work’s exploration, personal creation, and experimentation. It is through this ¬†inevitable development that inspiration is found and given. The deep seeded comfortability and self awareness that gives the abilities fruition.’

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