KAK_3101The classic figure and self-awareness are just two aspects of the many strengths that A nude Muse brings into her creative endeavors. Her ability to flow through poses (sometimes even seeming to be a step ahead of a photographer’s direction) along with her attention to form and the composition of her body’s positioning exemplify the skill that she has gained through years of experience. Her expressiveness both with her posing and the gamut of her micro-expressions make her such a versatile model and give her the ability to fall into various looks and settings with ease and sincerity.

In each creative project she draws upon both her personal and professional creative experiences. Whether she is holding an extended pose for an oil painting, a series of short gesture poses for some sketching exercises, or flowing through quickly transitioning poses for a photo shoot; she is pulling from a culmination of her experience in each respective form of modeling. Her patience and desire to ‘create the vision into reality’ are brought into each creative undertaking. The travels and adventures she has had, both professionally and personally add to her diverse perspective and result in an openness and eagerness to explore and be involved with the artistic process.

A muse’s formation draws upon experience and dedication. The abilities are based on life’s and work’s exploration, personal creation, and experimentation. It is through this  inevitable development that inspiration is found and given. The deep seeded comfortability and self awareness that gives the abilities fruition.’

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